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All You Need To Know About Designs For Health

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on July 19, 2016


Are you new to Designs for Health and want to know more about the company before you buy their supplements? I've put together my thoughts and experience with the company, as a nutritionist, to help you better understand Designs for Health and the products they have to offer.

Here's what I'll be covering in this epic post, in case you want to skip ahead:

Designs for Health: The Company

Designs for Health is a company that formulates, produces, and sells professional therapeutic supplements. As a company, they educate health professionals on how to use quality supplements in their health and medical practices. They are a company that is based in science (refreshing, right?). In other words they formulate supplements based on the dosages and ingredients used in medical studies. This was a novel concept for me, because in times past I have been supplement shopping at health-food stores and it can be very hard to tell the helpful products from the junk-in-a-bottle stuff. So, to find a company that actually made and sold supplements that had been medically studied was a landmark discovery in my life.  

Designs for Health Website Homepage

(Designs for Health Homepage)

Designs for Health is a literal pioneer in Paleo nutrition and supplements. They were talking about the Paleo diet and principles before some of the well-known names like Mark Sisson and Robb Wolfe. One of the early researchers and formulators for Designs For Health was Robert Crayon, MS. You may not recognize his name, but he was an early thought leader and proponent of the Paleo diet and lifestyle. 

A few years ago, as one of Designs For Health's educator's (which I talk about further down in the article), I was invited to listen to their medical research and application discussions. I listened in on calls with Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman, J.J. Virgin, Dr. Dan Kalish, and many, many, many more.  

These priceless calls were an insider's look at some of the top integrative doctors and practitioners in the world. These discussions helped me appreciate the researched formulas that Designs For Health offers. Above that, I was thrilled to hear these experts lay out their tips, protocols, and clinical research. I looked forward to these educational calls as the highlight of my week.

 Designs for Health Formulas

Designs for Health Formulas

I also learned about their research-back formulations and how to use them to deal with the root causes of many diseases. I discovered that Designs For Health has a medical advisory board that reads, studies, and compiles medical literature every day in order to find nutrients and dosages that will help reverse some disease states.

All of their formulas are well-researched and very potent. Designs For Health makes several formulas that are very unique and quite impressive. 

My Favorite Designs for Health Products

In order to introduce you to Designs for Health, I've highlighted 3 of their most popular and effective products.

PaleoCleanse Plus 14-day Detox Kit

PaleoCleanse Plus 14 Day Detox Kit

In my opinion, Designs For Health's best product is their PaleoCleanse Plus 14-day Detox kit. This product was awesome to start with and they just keep improving it over the years. In fact, I don't know of any other company who offers a Paleo-based detox. The kit gives you a 14 day meal plan and a simple list of foods to eat and those to avoid. The meal replacement shake is truly Paleo---which means there are no added carbohydrates, grains, or sugar.  I used the kit, and the PaleoCleanse meal replacement by itself, at least 4 times a year for many years.

The PaleoCleanse meal shake replacement is hypoallergenic and very easy to digest. It was the only shake that I could ever find that didn't upset my very sensitive digestion.

Metabolic Synergy

Metabolic Synergy

My second favorite formula is Metabolic Synergy. I actually took this product when I was suffering from insulin resistance and Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Metabolic Synergy is designed to support people with metabolic syndrome or related blood sugar issues.

In my case, I was insulin-resistant, on the verge of pre-diabetes, and had hypoglycemia. The researched nutrients in this formula helped sensitize my cells to insulin so I wasn't constantly having blood sugar crashes. I took Metabolic Synergy and switched to a Paleo diet and was able to get my Hemoglobin A1(c) lowered. It is also a multi-vitamin and mineral complex, which is why the dose is 6 capsules. 

Here's one of my review videos for Metabolic Synergy:



Their third stellar product is PaleoMeal. It is called PaleoMeal because it is a meal replacement that is low in carbohydrates just like the Paleo diet recommends.

Designs For Health only uses high quality ingredients. With no exception, Designs for Health keeps their standard for all of their products high, including PaleoMeal. They use the best grass-fed whey protein that is available in the United States. In fact, they were probably the first company to make a protein shake with organic whey made from grass-fed cow's milk. The shake is so delicious, light, and frothy.

If you are using a whey-protein meal replacement make sure that the whey comes from grass-fed cow's milk, like in PaleoMeal. If it doesn't, then you are likely getting whey protein that has antibiotics and hormones in it. Needless to say, that is not a good idea.

Here's one of my review videos for PaleoMeal:

Why I (and all of you) Need Science-Based Formulas

I graduated from high school in 1996. So, if you are good at math, you will know exactly how old I am. High school was difficult in some ways, but epic in other ways. By my senior year, I had accomplished pretty much everything I had set my mind to. I was the lead in my high school musical (cue the High School Musical soundtrack), made it into the acappella choir, and was the Drama Club president. I had entered several talent and scholastic competitions and had a small amount of scholarship funds to embark on my college career. I was thrilled to be accepted to the college of my choice. And it's a good thing I was accepted, because I didn't even apply to any other colleges (what was I thinking?).  

As a freshman at Brigham Young University, I was the prototype zoobie. I was more social than scholarly, and more reckless than responsible. When I say "reckless," I can assure you there was no drinking, drugs, crime, or sex involved. However, I stayed up way too late, ate junk food, and skipped classes all the time. Little did I know at that time, but those carefree days were seriously numbered.  

Fast forward 5 years and one back-woods camping trip later, and you see a very different version of me. By 2001 I was in bed...every day, all day, for days upon days upon days. When I say I "was in bed" I mean, I didn't get out of bed at all. If I did get out of bed it would only be for 3-4 hours and then I would have to get back in bed. Those days were physically, emotionally, and spiritually unyielding. The memories of that time period are lost in a haze of darkness and fatigue.

Darker Days 

I had seen numerous doctors, tried dozens of psychotropic medications, and devoted all my energy (the very little I had), to the search for relief from my myriad symptoms. None of the conventional doctors had answers or even an adequate diagnosis for me. The following 5 years, I turned to integrative health for solutions to my physical and emotional health concerns. And I started seeing small and large successes.  

But even though I was feeling better, I didn't feel great. I started to work part time and I was continuously researching to find better, stronger, and more applicable treatments for the the random symptoms I suffered from.

How Designs for Health Saved My Life

I continued to suffer but not as severely. Then I got a job with Designs for Health. Working as an educator and account manager for them was a highly educational experience. I learned lessons about science, natural health, medical research, and about myself.

I learned something else while working for Designs for Health. I learned something that has changed the course of my life. One evening, during one of their educational calls, a well-known physician came on the line to discuss a disease that he called "a growing epidemic." He began to describe the symptoms and cause of this disease. He read through a checklist of symptoms and stressed the idea that this disease is often un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed as another disease or syndrome. Every symptom he listed was a description of my poor health. It was almost as if he were describing me and my symptoms.  

He finally revealed the disease he was talking about: Lyme disease. When he uttered the words "Lyme disease," an electric shock coursed through my body.

Happier Days

The hair on my arms stood straight on end and goosebumps rose on my arms, chest, and legs. It was as if the truth of that idea resonated with every cell in my body. It was almost as if a tiny light bulb had turned on in every cell, and the light of that multitude was warming my body from the inside out. This experience was among the most profound and shaping moments of my life.


As the saying goes, "and the rest is history," and so too goes my story. I do, in fact, have Lyme disease. Although this disease has no cure, and can be very challenging, it is certainly comforting to have a diagnosis. Without a diagnosis and active treatment, the Lyme bacteria would have continued to ravage my body and mind.

I honestly don't know how long, if ever, it would have taken me to figure out that Lyme disease was behind all my seemingly disconnected symptoms. I don't know where I would be physically or emotionally without the education that led to my diagnosis. So, thank you, Designs For Health, for literally saving my life.

Ultimately Designs for Health is a company you can trust to make supplements that are science-based and that are potent enough to actually make a change in your life.