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Pure PaleoCleanse Plus & VegeCleanse Review (Designs For Health)

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on April 25, 2018

Designs For Health PaleoCleanse comes in a variety of packages, and now has a new name. PaleoCleanse is not an ordinary meal replacement protein shake. It was formulated for a dual purpose: meal replacement and potent liver detoxification. The PaleoCleanse powder has been a staple for gentle detoxifying for over a decade. The cleanse powder is available as a stand-alone therapeutic shake, or as part of a guided 14-day detox program accompanied by additional detoxifying supplements.

Designs For Health changed the name from PaleoCleanse to VegeCleanse and Pure PaleoCleanse Plus. VegeCleanse and VegeCleanse Plus are the vegetarian options with non-GMO pea protein; Pure PaleoCleanse Plus is the Paleo option including HydroBeef protein. Both options are gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. They are both sweetened with stevia and the HydroBeef protein is derived from the bones of cows that were not given hormones.

Why Detoxify?

Detoxification is a normal process for everybody.  Problems arise when your natural liver and digestive detoxification processes are blocked or overwhelmed. When you consider that most people follow the SAD (Standard American Diet), it is obvious that many Americans have compromised their ability to properly detoxify.

Your body is constantly bombarded by toxins from mild to severe. Toxins enter your body through your diet and lifestyle. For example, if you choose to eat fast food, you are exposing your digestive tract to toxins that are known to cause cancer. Sugar and caffeine are both toxins that are consumed daily without considering the consequences. When you drink unfiltered tap water you are exposing your body to heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride. There are many toxins in lotions, shampoo, perfume, and household cleaners. Even the paint and air fresheners you use are a source of toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Detoxification (Detox) programs are popular in many health groups. Detox programs can conjure up fear and disgust in the minds of many who are afraid they will have to stay in the bathroom all day. This idea is due to the purgatives and laxatives that are part of some (not all) programs.

Gentle detoxification programs, such as Designs For Health VegeCleanse 14-day Detox are organized to have little or no negative impact on your life and schedule. In fact, most of my clients experience more energy, better sleep, and weight loss. Gentle detox programs focus on detoxing the liver and aiding (not purging) the digestive system and bowels.

How Often Should I Be Detoxing?

I recommend that everyone do a cleansing and/or detox program at least once per year, ideally four times a year. A good rule of thumb is to initiate a detox program at the change of each season. For those with a chronic illness, such as diabetes, IBS, or Lyme disease, detox programs can be extended for months as needed. I've personally used PaleoCleanse powder for the better part of 2 years while I was adjusting my diet and lifestyle to overcome Lyme disease and IBS.

The Biggest Complaint 

The biggest side effects and complaint I hear are about the taste. Unfortunately, many foods that are good FOR us, may not taste good TO us. Most of us eat so much sugar, that anything without sugar seems inedible. VegeCleanse and Pure PaleoCleanse are NOT formulated to taste like a milkshake; most popular protein powders are loaded with tablespoons of sugar per serving. VegeCleanse and Pure PaleoCleanse are designed to supply protein and therapeutic nutrients without sugar. They are sweetened with stevia. 

You can improve the taste of VegeCleanse and Pure PaleoCleanse Plus by adding unsweetened almond or coconut milk. You can also experiment with adding ½ cup of frozen fruit such as strawberries or mango. My favorite recipe is:

  • 1 packet/serving of VegeCleanse Plus
  • 1 cup unsweetened full-fat coconut milk (from a can)
  • ½ cup frozen strawberries
  • Ice and water to desired consistency
  • Liquid stevia drops if desired

On the other hand, many of my clients enjoy the simplicity of the VegeCleanse Plus 14-day Detox because they only have to plan one meal per day. The other meals are replaced by a serving of VegeCleanse shake. The detox guide includes 11 meal options so plan your meals and stock your pantry with detox-friendly foods.

The VegeCleanse Plus 14-day Detox Program

If you are new to detox, I recommend following a guided program. The VegeCleanse Plus 14-day Detox Program includes a helpful booklet outlining Do’s and Don’ts of the detox period.

Eating a clean and toxin-free diet is an integral part of a successful detoxification program. There is an easy-to-follow guide called Foods to Include and Foods to Eliminate.  

The guide answers many Frequently Asked Questions including, “should I continue to exercise?”  and “will I lose weight?” It also includes a plethora of tips for supporting your detoxification every day of the year. 

The Therapeutic Ingredients

VegeCleanse and Pure PaleoCleanse Plus contain the exact same base ingredients that facilitate liver and digestive detoxification. VegeCleanse contains organic, non-GMO pea protein. It is a low-allergen protein source that is free from common gut irritants.

Pure PaleoCleanse Plus contains HydroBeef, a protein derived from beef bone broth.  It is a protein isolate that is hydrolyzed into peptides (smaller molecules) for easier absorption.  It is a very concentrated protein source, and yet, is still easy to digest and assimilate.

The “Plus” part of the name signifies all the same therapeutic ingredients in VegeCleanse with the addition of a Vegetable/Fruit blend, Creafiber, and Glucommanan.

The vegetable/fruit blend provides additional antioxidants and phytonutrients. The Creafiber and Glucommanan are both added for additional fiber content. Fiber is a crucial component of any detoxification program. While your body is shedding toxins from your liver or fat cells, the fiber acts as a sponge to soak up the byproducts. It will bind to the toxins and ensure proper elimination.

Glutathione is well-known to be your body’s “master antioxidant.” This powerful antioxidant attracts the most dangerous toxins and neutralizes them. It can both conjugate and act as an antioxidant for dangerous free radicals. Glutathione aids in the process of changing lipophilic (fat based toxins) into water-soluble toxins. This process allows toxins to leave your body much more rapidly.

N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) is a precursor molecule to glutathione. In order to have an ample supply of glutathione, your liver needs NAC. Besides helping to build glutathione molecules, NAC is a sulfur-containing compound. Sulfation, or adding a sulfo group, is vital for excreting certain toxins. If the toxins don’t receive a sulfo group, they will stay trapped in your liver. VegeCleanse and Pure PaleoCleanse contain several additional sulfur-containing compounds including L-cysteine, L-methionine, MSM, and L-taurine.

Moving Bile Through The Liver

The toxins in your liver are expelled through the bile that enters your digestive tract. Bile can become stagnant or thickened and fail to properly move toxins from the liver to the digestive tract. The stagnation slows down the detoxification process. VegeCleanse and Pure PaleoCleanse contain cholagogues which promote the movement of bile from the liver to the digestive tract. The silymarin in milk thistle, choline, and dandelion extract each has unique properties for thinning and flushing bile from your liver to your digestive tract.

Once the toxins enter your digestive tract, the combination of Creafiber and glucomannan trap and bind them until they are excreted through your bowel movements.

 Detoxing Is A Natural Process

Detoxification is a natural part of your body's rhythm. When you embark on a detox program you are setting aside time, usually 14 days, to assist your liver and digestive tract. This can be a healthy habit and strategy for long-term wellness and prevention. Keep in mind that a detox program is just one step of many in living a cleaner and healthier life.  

Are you considering a detox program?  Are you looking for coaching for a cleaner and healthier lifestyle? Email me, Carly@HealthyHabitsLiving.com for detox coaching.

In health,

Carly Neubert BA, NC


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