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PHI’s mission is one of moral integrity and advanced scientific viewpoints at how we hydrate ourselves. By examining the essence of hydration and how it changes the way water is absorbed in our bodies, they are making strides for those of us in more advanced communities as well as those in impoverished areas. The phenomena they research are complex. By applying scientific knowledge to their claims, they have successfully combined the worlds of alternative medicine and more traditional scientific thought. Led by Dr. Flanagan, the team of professionals at PHI aim to bring balance and harmony to the collective health of society by providing innovations and natural formulations.

Changing How We Look At Water

Water is one of the most necessary items we need to survive. PHI Sciences takes this fact to the next level, however, in their product, “MegaHydrate.” They do this by offering a product that is more uniquely absorbed in the body. Through the analysis of the minerals in water found in glaciers, Dr. Flanagan changed the way that we look at water’s composition. This product assists with providing a rich source of hydration and antioxidants as well as pain relief. Dehydration is something that the majority of adults experience on a daily basis due to lifestyle and exercise habits. Hydration is key to performing well mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Fast Water Absorption

Crystal Energy offers another innovative way to achieve maximum hydration. The flow of water and nutrients into our cells is aided by cell membranes. With Crystal Energy, this absorption is increased 2.54 times faster than with pure water. With these claims based on their various studies, PHI provides another way to maintain optimal hydration levels.