Seven-day Detox Program - Healthy Habits Living

Seven-day Detox Program

by Healthy Habits Living

Seven-day Detox program includes

  • 2 meal replacements per day
  • Liver-specific herbs for detox
  • High potency multi-vitamin and mineral
  • Daily email support
  • Video presentation
  • Instruction and education pamphlet
  • 7 day Menu plan
  • Recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Toxicity questionnaire

Reasons to detox

  • Use it as a jumpstart to a new eating program or diet
  • A high toxin diet (sugar, processed foods, alcohol, fast foods)
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive symptoms (gas, bloating, fatigue after eating)
  • Mental fogginess

How does a detox program work?

You eat paired down, easy to digest diet, so that your liver and digestive tract have more energy and time to release and eliminate stored toxins.

Will I lose weight?

Some people do; others do not. Losing weight is not the main purpose of a detox program.

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