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Glut Immune - 300 grams

by Well Wisdom

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Well Wisdom Glut Immune

Glutamine is the most abundant and versatile amino acid in the body. It can be used in almost every cell for DNA synthesis, as an antioxidant, and helps maintain cellular integrity and function. It is the most critical nutrient for immune system function.

Glutamine is routinely used for pre and post-operative patients and also to restore the immune function of elite athletes. It is considered a non-essential amino acid except in times of severe injury or illness. The cells of the immune system rely on glutamine to function, particularly during times of illness. Glutamine is the “fuel of the immune system”.


Proprietary Covalent Bonded Glutamine (32% glutamine by weight)

    Suggested Use 

    Consume 1 or more times daily, preferably on an empty stomach. Wait 15 minutes before eating. Drinking slowly is recommended. You may also place 1/2 tsp. or more of powder in your mouth and chew. 

    More Info. 

    Glut Immune™ is a natural source of Covalent Bonded Glutamine derived from red wheat berries. It is dairy-free. The glutamine in Glut Immune™ is connected by covalent bonds to other amino acids on a multi-protein chain to ensure optimal absorption.

    Glut Immune™ is a spray-dried form of glutamine, which is stabilized to withstand changing temperature, pH, and aqueous environments. The product is a mixture of oligopeptides, protein chains made up of various amino acids. This creates a stable and nutritionally-effective product that is able to withstand exposure to high temperatures, pH variations, and resists breakdown in liquid, unlike free form L-glutamine. For this reasons, Glut Immune™ mixes best in an electric blender and may be used in combination with Vital Whey®.

    Vendor: Well Wisdom