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Keto Manager Dark Chocolate Carmel

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Also try our Refreshing Cucumber Melon flavor!

SEAMLESS KETOSIS -Keto Manager bridges the gap between a sugar burning and a fat burning metabolic state. The time required for this metabolic transition can be physically and mentally inconvenient. Keto Manager solves that problem and allows you to quickly and easily reach ketosis. Our patented exogenous ketones (goBHB) raise blood ketone levels within minutes. Ketones improve mental acuity, athletic performance, and weight management. 

WHEN - Keto Manager may be used as a keto meal replacement or consumed 15 minutes before exercise.

WHO - Bio-hackers, athletes, soccer moms, students, and the average joe---any who wants the benefits of ketosis without a restrictive diet will appreciate the results of Keto Manager.

ZERO JUNK - Keto Manager contains NO carbs, NO caffeine, NO stimulants, and NO sugar. It is thoroughly tested and manufactured in the USA and sweetened with stevia.

EASY TO USE - Enjoy Keto Manager in water, smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, tea or your favorite beverage. The exogenous keto supplement powder mixes easily with a fork or blender. The natural flavors don't leave a metallic or acrid aftertaste like competing products. 

PATENTED BHBs - Keto Manager contains the thoroughly studied and patented ingredient goBHB (beta hydroxybutyrate).

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