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Keto8 - 12 fl oz


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KetoSports Keto 8

Keto 8 is an MCT oil that’s been refined to boost the C8 content over 99%. It is clear and tasteless and can be used in a variety of applications (just like plain old MCT oil).

If you want to boost your energy, fat loss, and ketone levels using an MCT oil supplement, choose Keto 8.


MCT oil is a well known keto and low-carb aid that increases blood ketone levels and can be used in a variety of applications, including supplementation and cooking. Most commercially available MCT oils are a combination of C8 and C10 in a 60:40 ratio, and derived from sources such as coconut or palm oil. Both C8 and C10 provide increased ketone levels, however C8 has proven to be the superior choice. C8 has been shown to increase blood ketone levels by a greater amount than its counterpart, by almost twofold, and C8 is ten times less likely to be stored as body fat by the liver.


Naturally occurring Medium Chain Triglycerides are fats which contain one or more of the following fatty acids – C6 (caproic), C8 (caprylic), C10 (capric), or C12 (lauric). Commercially available MCT oils are refined from coconut or palm kernel oil and contain primarily C8 and C10, in a 60 / 40 ratio approximately.

Both C8 and C10 absorb through the portal vein where they directly enter the liver. A large portion of the fatty acids are metabolized to Acetyl CoA and subsequently to ketone bodies (AcAc and BHB). Some of the fatty acids do pass through the liver however and can be stored as bodyfat (albeit far less readily than longer chain fatty acids).*


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