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Quercetin + Nettles - 90 vegetarian capsules

Designs For Health

Designs For Health Quercetin + Nettles

Quercetin + Nettles contain 600 mg quercetin and 600 mg nettles. Research suggests that nettle’s anti-inflammatory actions are attributed to its ability to interrupt the production and actions of inflammation-producing cytokines, prostaglandins and leukotreines.

Made with non-GMO ingredients.


Each serving contains:

Quercetin  -  600 mg
Nettle Extract  -  600 mg

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose (capsule), silicon dioxide, vegetable stearate. 

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take three capsules per day, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. 

More Info.

From ancient Greece to the present, nettle has been documented for its traditional use in treating coughs, tuberculosis, and arthritis and in stimulating hair growth. Test tube studies show that nettle leaf has anti-inflammatory actions. These actions are thought to be caused by nettle preventing the body from making inflammatory chemicals known as prostaglandins. Quercetin is used for its anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Quercetin also helps protect LDL cholesterol from being damaged and also has anti-estrogenic effects.

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