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Terry Naturally Low Back Formula - 60 Capsules

Terry Naturally


Curamin Low Back Pain - 60 Capsules

Supports: Flexibility, Mobility & Comfort

Feel Great Again—with Low Back Formula™
Low Back Formula™ is a natural, targeted choice for flexibility, mobility, and comfort. It features three powerful ingredients:

• Devil’s Claw – Supports cartilage and back structure by increasing production
   of hyaluronic acid up to 41%! For you, that means flexibility, mobility and
   natural comfort.
• White Willow Bark Extract – This time-tested herbal with proven results
   provides comforting compounds that make you feel like being active again.
• BosPure® Boswellia – Clinically-studied, effective boswellia with naturally 
   strong levels of AKBA, the herb’s key compound for back health and comfort.

Flexibilty, Mobility, and Comfort—Naturally!
• Targeted ingredients especially for supporting your lower back
• Supports healthy cartilage structure—the natural cushioning of your spine
• Optimizes comfort and mobility in your lower back

With a blend of powerful back-supporting herbal ingredients, Low Back Formula™is the best choice for the comfort you need to stay active and 
feel great.

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