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Thorne Research - Everything You Need To Know

by Carly Neubert, BA, NC on December 11, 2019

When shopping for a supplement provider, you probably put a lot of thought into it. You care about what products the company is putting out, and what ingredients that same company is putting into their products. Need a multivitamin? How about a prenatal? You’re not going to purchase one that’s 90% fillers, though that may be what some companies are trying to sell you.

Enter Thorne Research: a brand founded “with the mission to earn nutritional supplements the respect they deserve.”

Thorne Research the Brand

Thorne is a company that you can count on to deliver therapeutic doses of nutrients. You won’t find cheap inert B vitamins in their supplements because they (and we) know that those forms aren’t absorbable and useful in your body. You also won’t find allergens or contaminants in their supplements because they track and test all of their raw materials.

Before an ingredient or nutrient is used in their formulas, they quarantine and test it for 760 chemicals. You will find it easy to absorb their supplements because they only use bioavailable forms of all nutrients. They are cGMP which means they are certified as using Good Manufacturing Practices. Thorne also holds the NSF certification and the NSF for sports certification. And perhaps, most impressive, Australia’s TGA also issued Thorne a certification. In terms of purity and testing standards, no other company is recognized above Thorne Research.

Thorne Research was founded in July of 1984. At the time, Thorne only sold a singular product. Since that point, Thorne has grown a reputation as “the industry leader in setting the standards for making nutritional supplements”. Their science-based approach to supplement making and high-quality assurance is integral to their long-standing success, and in recent years has given Thorne trust and support from the likes of The Mayo Clinic and the U.S. National Teams.

In addition, they amped up their focus on clinical research, and they now have over 40 products involved in clinical trials around the world. This includes but is not limited to partnerships with the Cleveland Clinic, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, and West Point.

So how did this tiny company with only one product achieve this distinction? Thorne not only cares about the welfare of nutritional supplements, but they pinpointed a direct issue: In the supplement supply chain world, the company might care a whole lot about what’s going into the product but oftentimes that stops with the manufacturer. Many basic nutrient supplement manufacturers prioritize profit over product and skip the production steps that ensure pure and high-quality products. This is where Thorne comes in. As a company, Thorne figured out that taking the extra steps to create an in-house, high-quality product would win customer loyalty while making them a major pain in the side for their competition. This led to the choice of Thorne’s namesake: the thorn.

Thorne Research Rebranded

Cause: A high-quality product deserves high-quality output in the global marketplace.
Effect: Thorne Research’s 2018 rebrand. Thorne, as a company, put such an intense focus on the condition and quality of their basic nutrient supplements that they lacked something every credible modern company needs---a marketing department. As a result of this, Thorne went to great lengths to catch up in that area, leading to their company-wide rebrand, launched in January of 2018. Thorne said it best in their published media on the topic.

“We’ve invested in a new brand look, a new website, and new online tools. Increasing awareness of Thorne is one goal. But bringing our customers more value is another. Our rebrand is also about personality. People have personalities. They express those personalities in how they talk, how they dress, and the things they do and don’t do. It’s the same with companies. Companies look and speak a certain way so that the people who interact with them have something to relate to besides the products they’re being sold.”

So who was the mastermind behind all of this? Thorne has a couple of big names in their roster. Paul Jacobson is the current CEO, taking over for former CEO and founder of Thorne Research Al Czap. Will McCamy is the current president of Thorne, followed up by Michelle Crow as the Chief Marketing Officer, the real brains behind the marketing bulk-up. The rebrand did not only refocus on quality, but it included a new website and a new look for all Thorne Research Products. The company feels that the new look and feel more fully encompasses Thorne’s personal style, as well as a modern branding mood for the digital marketing era.

Thorne Products

You know that Thorne Research is a top brand for basic nutritional supplements, and you know they put a lot of thought toward what goes into their products, but what exactly are these products? What does Thorne sell, and what makes them who they are as a brand? The easiest way to get a formative look at the supplements offered is to divide them into categories.

Basic Nutrients

First and foremost, Thorne carries a line of foundational supplements. The 34 products in this line include multivitamins with benefits ranging from women’s health to sports performance and brain/nerve function. The Basic Nutrients product line is one of the most popular, and it features five products: The 2/Day formula, and the III, IV, and V formulas. There is also a Basic Detox Nutrients formula. Each formula provides slightly different benefits based on an individual’s needs, but each of the products in the line work as a comprehensive multivitamin.

The Basic Nutrients 2/Day formula is a “complete multivitamin/mineral formula that provides an excellent nutritional foundation to supplement a healthy diet.” The Basic Nutrients III formula was created for those at low risk for iron deficiency, especially men and postmenopausal women. Basic Nutrients IV lacks the iron of III, and it’s designed to support an active lifestyle, especially for women. Finally, Basic Nutrients V focuses more on men’s health, with no iron or iodine content. All Basic Nutrients formulas are optimized for premium absorption.

A few other top products in the foundational supplements grouping are the Multi-Vitamin Elite A.M. and P.M. formulas. With highly bioavailable nutrients, the A.M. formula promotes energy production, while the P.M. formula promotes rest and recovery. Other supplements in this line include additional multivitamins and minerals.

Women’s Health

Thorne Research also produces a collection of products specific to women’s health. This includes Basic Prenatals, Urinary and GI Support, and several bundles. The Fertility Bundle contains a Basic Prenatal, Omega-Plus, and 5-MTHF to promote fertility in women. For those struggling with fertility, Thorne also offers a take-at-home Fertility Test with online results and recommendations. The Menopause Bundle includes “three Thorne supplements for peri- or postmenopausal women that provide nutritional support during that time of hormone changes – Meta-Fem, Meta-Balance, and Basic Bone Nutrients.” As with the Fertility Bundle, Thorne also sells an at-home saliva test for menopausal women. The test monitors hormone levels, and the results include a personalized health plan.

Unfortunately, infertility is a rampant health concern. Women, and men, often feel helpless and powerless. The at-home testing option is a proactive tool to empower women in their fertility journey. Thorne offers a whole line of affordable at-home testing options sure to satisfy anyone from a soccer mom to a biohacking ninja.

Other Products

Beyond the foundational and women’s health collections, Thorne Research carries a myriad of products that also benefit stress, sleep, brain/nerves, heart and vessels, your immune system, and respiratory system, among others. Thorne Research is your destination for high-quality, no-extra fillers, purely formulated and manufactured supplements.

Reviews - What Are Customers Saying?

You’ve heard all about Thorne’s ethical practices, and you have a pretty good idea of what their product line includes. So what do others have to say about this company?

Regarding the Multi-Vitamin Elite for A.M. and P.M., one customer said,

“as an athlete that’s getting older I need every advantage I can get. After a week or so of taking these, I feel more energized. I have used the animal pack for years and when I switched I felt a noticeable difference. I really like the calming effect of the P.M. vitamins. They help me to shut it down at the end of the day. You get what you pay for. You work out, eat healthily, and invest all other time and money into your health, so why not give your body the best? Worth it.”

Across the board for the Basic Nutrients lineup, the reviews are positive. One customer says, “this is the best multivitamin I’ve taken. I notice a difference in my workouts, skin, and nails. They’re a great deal for such a high-quality supplement.” Other customers discuss feeling elevated energy levels while complimenting the superior absorption rate compared to other supplements.

Many satisfied women have shared their opinion about Thorne’s basic prenatal. One woman said, “I have had 6 babies. 9 pregnancies. This prenatal kept my iron up and my energy going when so much else in life needed to be done. I highly recommend.” Another customer shared, “The supplements have clear directions for suggested use and frequency. There is no unpleasant aftertaste and they are easy to swallow!” Women expecting children have enough to deal with during pregnancy, and the last thing they need is more nausea on top of that which they already experience.

How Can You Purchase Thorne Products?

At Healthy Habits Living, we carry the full line of Thorne Research products. Access all Thorne products and search for your favorites here: Thorne products.

Final Thoughts on Thorne Research

It’s easier than ever to get your hands on Thorne Research products these days, and that’s just as it should be. High-quality nutritional supplements should be readily available to all, and Thorne is making that possibility a reality. Choose a company that puts product over profit, and choose a company that cares for you. Everything you need, for everything you are.


Carly Neubert BA, NC

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