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Evidence-Based Supplements

Evidence-Based Supplements (EB Supplements) is based out of Canada. They focus on the field of healthy aging processes and promote evidence-based practices from manufacturing to testing the final product. EB Supplements utilizes innovative nutrient delivery technology to create targeted formulas that promote healthy aging. 

High Quality & Sustainable Omega 3 Fish Oil

EB Supplements has been certified by two different organizations for their work in sustainable and high-quality Omega 3 Fish Oil practices, Friends of the Sea and the International Fish Oil Standard Quality Certification Program. All of EB Supplement’s MAG-O3 fish oils have these certifications. Friends of the Sea is focused specifically on the sustainable sourcing of the Omega 3 Fish Oils (as well as other fish products) to promote environmental conservation. The International Fish Oil Standard Quality Certification Program provides a way for companies to test their fish oil products. Only the best in quality, safety, and purity get this certification distinction. 

Two products to highlight from EB Supplements include MAG-EPA Concentrate and Daily Omega-3. Both of these formulas include the MAG-O3 fish oils mentioned above. The MAG-EPA Concentrate provides 1050mg of Omega-3 EPA and the Daily Omega-3 provides 1930mg of Omega-3s. The two formulas support joint health. MAG-O3 Concentrate, however, has been studied as a prebiotic to support a healthy microbiome. According to EB Supplements, Daily Omega-3 provides the “highest concentration of readily absorbable monoglyceride Omega-3 on the market.”