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The goals of K-PAX are closely aligned with our goals here at Healthy Habits Living. In order to address an ailment, you must look at your health from the inside out. Energy and immune function are two aspects of life that are severely hindered when suffering from an autoimmune disease and other chronic medical conditions. From Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s to Chronic Fatigue and HIV/AIDS, K-PAX has created a solid knowledge base through professional studies to provide customers with the latest information and findings regarding their products.

Mitochondria - Powerhouse of the Cell

When your cells do not have enough energy, mitochondrial malfunction can occur. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Without proper function, you can experience muscle weakness and fatigue. Analyzing the root cause of degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s has been a hefty task for healthcare professionals as well as industry scientists. There has been a new theory developing, however, that claims that mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the root causes of these adult-onset diseases. Following these scientific theories, the pharmacists at K-PAX have conducted studies regarding various mitochondrial functions for almost two decades. Some of their more notable studies involve illnesses like Gulf War Illness, Chronic Fatigue, and HIV/AIDS. 

K-PAX Immune - Immune System Support

K-PAX’s debut came with their immune system-focused product: K-PAX Immune. In a study involving patients with HIV/AIDS, this product was shown to improve the overall function of the immune systems examined. The success was so monumental that the state of New York has this medication covered by the Medical and AIDS Drugs Assistance Program. This product assists with healthy aging as well as enhancing energy. K-PAX Energy, another fan favorite, assists with alertness and productivity. By taking these two supplements together, you can adhere to the K-PAX Energy Support Program. This supplement schedule recommended by K-PAX addresses overall immune function as well as energy and alertness.