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Stellar Biotics

Immune-oriented formulas have grown to be increasingly important and prevalent in the medicine cabinets of Americans from coast to coast. Stellar Biotics, previously Pure Research Products, has been a leader in analyzing the connections between your gut and immune system. The connection between gut health and immune health is strong, complex, and commonly misunderstood. Dr. Sichel has led the team at Stellar Biotics for decades to provide formulas based on the latest studies regarding microbiome and probiotics.

How Is The Gut Linked To Our Immune System?

The gut and immune health connections may have only started gaining attention in the public eye, but the studies of these interactions have been analyzed for generations. Our gut influences how we feel each day. Did you know that 80% of our immune system resides there? Thanks to scientists like Dr. Sichel, this connection is now not only being talked about more, but the products are being backed by increased scientific research. 

Del-Immune V

Their best-selling product, del-Immune V, is a cell fragment supplement that enhances the body’s healthy immune responses. By interacting with immune cells, the components of del-Immune V can replicate the processes of the innate immune system. By helping to improve the response time against a pathogen or other foreign invader, the immune system is better suited to fight off illness. Additionally, it is heavily supported by multiple studies in the United States.