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Well Wisdom

The beginning of Well Wisdom is a touching story. The founder of Well Wisdom, Michael Keenan, went from being an active and successful electrical contractor, to no longer being able to get out of bed. He had been hit hard with Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. A vast number of doctors and thousands of dollars later, Michael still wasn’t feeling any better. That is, until he found a German doctor who introduced him to the importance of Glutathione in the body when it comes to combating a chronic illness. To help restore Glutathione in his body, Michael was given a powdered raw milk protein that was unavailable to the general public. In fact, Michael couldn’t seem to find any product on the market that would provide the same benefits. Having seen how revolutionary this milk protein was in his life, he went to work researching and creating Well Wisdom! Well Wisdom is a company that believes in serving the community. No one should be left miserable due to an immunocompromised disease, especially when something so simple could be the answer. 

Nature Knows Best - All-Natural Ingredients

Protein powders are continuing to pop up in the health supplement market. But where does that protein come from? Well Wisdom believes that nature knows exactly what nutrients we should be getting, so why alter what we were given so graciously. Instead, Well Wisdom works to provide an all-natural whey protein, protecting and preserving the nutrients that nature would have us benefit from.

Well Wisdom Protein Powder

Well Wisdom protein powder is made from the milk of cows who enjoy grazing on pastures year-round. By allowing cows to graze on a natural pasture, the greatest nutrient quality can be achieved. Beyond the special attention to their cows, Well Wisdom also uses a unique processing approach. It is understood that the over-processing and heavy heat used by many companies can cause lots of beneficial protein to be destroyed and lost. Well Wisdom whey protein is air-dried and uses single pasteurization with the goal of maintaining the active proteins found in fresh milk. Additionally, there are no added hormones, GMOs, antibiotics or pesticides. Protein, the way nature intended.