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Pharmax is a brand which is a part of a large company called Seroyal who is an industry leader in the vitamin and supplement world. They are known throughout the industry to be reliable. They are leading the way in the professional-grade nutraceuticals. They target the supporting of condition-specific treatment plans, which are supported by the products they provide to their customers. In order to give them a basis on which their products are able to be so successful, they work to provide traditional and/or clinical evidence of the effectiveness of their products. They have a staff which is entirely dedicated to the advancements and research of new and upcoming methods in which they are able to provide their consumers with the best formulations.

Safe, Sufficient, & Reliable

A major part of this business is their efforts toward the education of general practitioners as well as the consumers. Their website provide resources as well as opportunities to further one’s knowledge of nutrition and how their supplements are able to further assist with achieving excellent health. They have 3 senior advisors on staff who are able to assist those in need. Each of these three women are available Monday through Thursday for peer to peer consultations. In addition to this, Seroyal offers a continuing education Pharmax has over 15 years of safe, efficient, and reliable experience that they provide with each product and consult. Their products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices and only are produced in a clean and safe environment for their employees. Providing their customers with what is stated on the bottle is a priority for Pharmax and they accomplish this by testing their products at different stages during the manufacturing process. They are able to maintain their high quality reputation by doing all of these things throughout their manufacturing process. Customer satisfaction is of high priority to Pharmax.