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Calroy Health Sciences

Led by co-founders Ed Hoyt and Dr. Chen, Calroy Health Sciences has been a strong presence in the research and development of targeted formulas for addressing health issues. Their commitment to rigorous evaluation from internal research and development and external educators and researchers is essential, as it shows the connection Calroy has to its customers and patients. The two products on our site, Arterosil HP and Vascanox HP, address key issues relating to cardiovascular health. 

Arterosil HP

Arterosil HP supports the endothelial glycocalyx. This is the outer barrier of the endothelial cells that protects them from outside invaders. A healthy cardiovascular system is super important to the overall well-being of the body. Arterosil HP helps circulation, artery function, heart health, and the endothelial glycocalyx. 

Vascanox HP

While Vascanox is vascular-related as well, it focuses more on nitric oxide synthesis. This product helps support the creation, storage, and expulsion of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide supplementation can improve cardiac health as well as exercise performance. The enzymes that create nitric oxide have decreased productivity as you age, which means that nitric oxide supplementation can be impactful throughout the natural aging process. With nitric oxide levels at an optimal level, your body can more effectively move nutrients to organs and body tissues.