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Green Pasture

The Green Pastures company was founded on the fundamental ideals that the traditional diets from around the world have been shifting throughout time and there was a need for someone to create a product which made it more convenient for families to get the nutrients that were once an active part of our ancestor's diets. Currently, the company is run by Dave and Barbara Wetzel who have actively maintained these viewpoints. The product line continues to expand as more research is done to support the products. These are a result of generations passing down vital knowledge to maintain healthy persons.

High-Quality Fermentation & Manufacturing

Each product produced by Green Pastures undergoes the natural fermentation process. They do this in order to maintain the quality of the finished product that their customer will be receiving. Due to this fact, each batch is unique to the conditions which that process underwent throughout the fermentation process. One specific example of their care to the maintenance of integrity for their entire line is when they handle the butter oil used in several of the products featured in the Green Pastures line. When they are extracting the butter oil, there is no heat used in order to replicate the natural process as much as possible. This raw ingredient is sourced from Argentina.

Wide & Accessible Line of Products

Another great benefit that Green Pastures offers is their wide line of supplements. They make products that are simple and easy for everyone in the entire family to consume. It is their goal to get everyone to see that obtaining the vital nutrients from fermented cod liver oils is essential to their overall health. In addition to making this possible for their customers, they strive to obtain the freshest and most natural raw ingredients. In order to do this, when sourcing for their cod they make sure to uphold the guideline set forth by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. This ensures the safest and freshest supply is being used when creating their products.