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Ayush Herbs

Ayush Herbs was founded years ago by the Sodhi brothers who spent years searching the world for the highest quality ingredients in order to begin their own nutrition company. They work toward implementing the science of Ayurveda in everyday life. Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing sciences of life. This science works to promote the idea that the body is able to heal itself, and by being able to do this and promote this special ability, the body will thrive more and live longer. Long-term health could be more obtainable through practicing this science. The Ayurvedic physicians work to combine ancient medical knowledge and modern advancements in the industry which has been brought about by the advancements of technology. They work to incorporate the thought that your body is intelligent much like the earth, and each person has a unique set of values and needs. These are as complex as they vary from person to person. Ayush and the Ayurvedic physicians work to bring a balance to the systems that make up one’s body. 

High Standards

This company has been in existence for around 30 years, all while working toward providing their consumers with the highest quality of products in the industry. They supply herbal medicine, supplements, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in their products.

In order to fully meet their requirements and standards for their company, the ingredients used in their products Ayush Herbs grows their own uncontaminated herbs in the Himachal Predesh region of the Himalayas. This allows them to grow their own ingredients with fresh clean air, land, and overall environment. In order to expand their product line, over the last couple years they have also expanded the list of herbs that they are able to grow successfully, allowing them to incorporate these into their line of vitamins and supplements.