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Thorne Vet

Thorne Vet, a veterinary-focused division of Thorne Research, has its eyes set on being a leader in the pet supplement industry. Not only do they provide quality supplements for animals, but they put equally vigorous effort into ensuring purity, dependability, and ingenuity into their veterinarian products as they do their human ones. Through information and product knowledge, they hope to educate animal parents and healthcare professionals with the needed information regarding the health of their companion animals. The ties between science and education have brought about a successful source of research and knowledge for all Thorne Vet consumers. The products shown below can assist with the agility and energy of your animal, as well as muscle strength and joint mobility.

Thorne Research & Thorne Vet

Thorne Vet’s standards are extremely high for their products. Their parent company, Thorne Research, has been the provider of supplements to US national teams as well as Olympians. Thorne Vet’s industry certifications are numerous, from their strict product sourcing to adhering to and regularly passing biannual National Animal Supplement Council audits. Supply chain transparency and utilizing only clean products area couple of ways in which these high standards are kept. Without any compromise, they put the wellbeing of their consumers(whether they be humans or animals) before any bottom line or profit margin.