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Innate Response

Innate Response has noticed a pattern in the world of medicine. As technology advances and we learn more about medicine, there seems to be a fixation on pharmaceuticals. In a world where information is available at your fingertips within seconds, it can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole and get sucked into a very limited perspective. While there is certainly a need for pharmaceutical grade drugs, many individuals go as far as to turn their back on the natural side of medicine. Innate Response seeks to zoom out of the hyper-focus on pharmaceuticals and take a look at the bigger picture. Bodies are designed to take care of themselves. So, instead of trying to completely alter the mechanisms meant to take care of us, natural products can step in to support those mechanisms and help the body find its way back to optimal health and functioning.

Responsible Holistic Viewpoint

Innate Response’s more holistic viewpoints are not limited to supplements and health. Innate Response understands that there is a world bigger than just the individual. In everything they do, Innate Response gives back to the environment and those who are working to do the same. We only get one world, and Innate Response seeks to do their part to give back and take care of it. Afterall, nature is at the core of all Innate Response products. That being said, the team at Innate Response understands the benefits and validity of science. It would be a disservice to swing all the way to the other side of the issue at hand and ignore science entirely. Instead, nature and science work together to bring you Innate Response’s products.

Nature & The Process

First, nature provides whole foods which gift more goodness than any artificial compound in a laboratory ever could. Then, through the lens of science, nutrients and/or vitamins are added to the food nature provided. This combination is designed to best help the body do what it was meant to do. Nature is too often underestimated and it has so much to offer. Innate Response is determined to show the world how incredible holistic healing can be, and just how innately intelligent our bodies are.