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Enzymedica is a company which is focused on the critical role the gut plays in the overall health of the body. This company was founded in 1998 in Florida with the intention to improve the health of people through the use of natural medicine. They really focus on the overall wellness of their consumers starting at the gut, as they feel it plays the biggest role in the process. In addition to them providing supplements in order to assist with this, they also focus on empowering their consumers to take control of health in a simple and meaningful way.

Only The Best Ingredients

Their products contain superior ingredients because Enzymedica believes that their customers have every right to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Their products do not contain fillers or excipients. They are also 100% vegetarian and they seek out vegan and kosher ingredients whenever possible. They do this people they want to pay respect to the land, animals and people whenever they can in their manufacturing process and also be available to as many dietary restrictions and preferences as possible.

Certified By The Clean Label Project

They were the first brand in the industry to be certified by the Clean Label Project. This organization tests for over 130 harmful contaminants and toxins. Their manufacturing facilities are quality and they are a GMP certified process. They are the #1 selling enzyme brand and because of their superior quality, they have won over 50 awards provided to them by the industry. As a business, not only to they focus on being great at their production of supplements, but they are also working toward the fight against global warming. In their manufacturing processes they offset CO2 emissions and keep their carbon neutral in order to prevent harming the environment. They have also installed solar panels, low energy lighting, and motion lights at all of their facilities. Another step they have taken in order to show their consideration to the environment was building all of their new buildings with recycled steel. These are just a few of the examples that Enzymedica has shown to the industry in regards to their serious motive of protecting the environment. In addition to this, the company also donates a large amount of money to several different charities and organizations in the country. Some of these include the Autism Hope Alliance, Vitamin Angels, Rescue Freedom Project, and the SPARCC (Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center) Program.