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At Healthy Habits Living, we sell products from a variety of naturopathic-focused brands. What makes Natura different? You might notice that many of the ingredient labels for Natura products appear a bit more complex than other brands who may have only one or two entries. When asked about this, founder and formulator of Natura Health Products, Donald R. Yance compares the supplements to a gourmet meal. Gourmet meals provide variety in each course, with each course supporting the last and in turn providing great satisfaction at the conclusion of the meal. The supplements created by Natura aim to provide this same experience for your body. Herbs and various other botanicals are combined with nutrients to give the greatest benefit and mimic the strength that comes from a well-rounded diet. 

High-Quality Ingredients

The ingredients used in manufacturing Natura products are taken from the very best sources that are all following strict standards in both the growth and harvesting processes. That being said, Natura also tests products on their end to make sure you’re getting the best of the best. In fact, there are employees at Natura who have the sole job to take care of this testing and make sure it exceeds market standards. This shows just how dedicated Natura is to this process, testing for potency and purity is not just an afterthought. Everything Natura does is extremely intentional.

Using All That Nature Has To Offer!

In combining botanicals and nutrients, Natura supplements are helping to guide the body in remembering how to function at the optimal level. Additionally, this combination process provides the necessary fuel to support the body as it finds optimum functioning once again. There is no need to be alarmed at the longer list of ingredients, instead you can rest at ease knowing that the formula provided is going to give you even more support than a standalone nutrient or herb. Using all that nature has to offer and using science to understand how to best utilize the tools nature provides is what makes Natura so successful.