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NeuroScience focuses on understanding symptoms at their starting point. What makes our bodies react the way they do? With a focus on science, NeuroScience takes a look at biomarkers like neurotransmitters and hormones. Finding a pattern here between symptoms and biomarkers, supplements are packed with blends of amino acids, vitamins, botanicals and minerals that will get in touch with the nervous system and offer proper support. NeuroScience chooses to look past the symptoms present on the surface and dives deep into the scientific reasoning for these symptoms. 

High-Quality Ingredients

With science as the core of everything they do, NeuroScience is constantly researching to find the best ingredients and most effective treatments available. They also proudly advertise that the ingredient amounts found in each supplement are based on what is most productive and helpful, not what is the most convenient cost-wise. The manufacturers used by NeuroScience are carefully audited, and final products are tested by independent labs. NeuroScience doesn’t take any shortcuts. You can depend on NeuroScience to bring consistent supplements to you that will work towards eliminating whatever imbalances you may be dealing with.   

Support & Health for the Brain

The brain is central to the work that NeuroScience does, as you may have gathered from their brand name. The signals sent out by the brain and nervous system are directing everything the body does. NeuroScience has a few focuses with their products: energy, sleep, calm, focus, immunity and mood. Many of these issues exist together or stem from similar deficiencies/imbalances. You’ll notice in each product description, a short blurb on the science behind each product is provided. In the ‘More Info.’ tab you can find information on the key ingredients found in the supplement. By understanding what may be going on in your brain and how a NeuroScience supplement can help, you can get in the driver's seat and support all of the hard work your body is doing by giving it the proper tools.