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Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative Therapeutics is founded and backed by several different well-known industry leaders. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, they each saw the need and demand for products which were backed by science that did not fall under the category of traditional medicine. Schwabe, out of Germany is a foundation which for 150 years has been prioritizing the moto, “From Nature. For Health.” In 2008 they accepted Integrative Therapeutics as a member of their organization due to their common goals.

Dedicated to High-Quality Ingredients

In regards to the quality of their ingredients, this company not only strives to be the best but they prove this mindset each day by employing 30+ scientists. These professionals are dedicated to finding the best and maintaining the quality of their products. Not only are raw ingredients tested, but the product from start to finish is tested to simply hold their manufacturing process accountable. The equipment used in these processes is only the best that is available. They have received an NSF GMP registration from the Public Health and Safety Company for their high standards.

Working with the Community

Along with selling and manufacturing reliable products, Integrative Therapeutics works with communities to bridge the gap between the medical practitioner world and the patient world. They believe that both parties are equally responsible for the improving their health. They are able to do this by putting in place programs such as TAP Integrative which seeks to initiate the teaching, advocation, and practicing of a healthy space which facilitates the sharing of science-backed research being done. Another program that is put on by Integrative Therapeutics is a one-year postdoctoral residency called STAIR which helps transition naturopathic medicine students from schooling to practicing medicine on their own.

Honest and Trusted Labeling

Perhaps the one item that makes this company stand out the most is their honesty in the labeling of all of their products. In the supplements industry, labeling products can get to be quite controversial. In order to avoid being apart of the problem, they always guarantee honesty in the labeling of their products being sold to consumers. This means not being able to put “non-GMO” on some of their items, but each day they are working toward that goal in an open and honest relationship with their customers and patients displayed through the type printed on each bottle.