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Unda is a company based out of Belgium. With their foundation in Europe, they have been researching new and innovative products and solutions to health problems for 70 years. This company was founded in 1949 and presently employs over 50 people for the production aspect of their business. The vast majority of their homeopathic supplements supply is produced for the exportation and distribution throughout the world. The US began selling Unda’s products in 1995 and has found great success throughout the past 20+ years.

Unda's Main Objective & High Standards

The main objective of Unda is to produce as well as promote homeopathic products that assist with everyday health challenges. These products are based on the idea of similarity mixed with an expertise approach of high dilutions. The range of the products in this category are incredibly diversified due to this approach. In order to be the best in the business, this business sources from the best companies for the raw ingredients used in their products. They test each and every one of these items in order to ensure the highest quality of their final product being shipped to their customers throughout the world. The warehouse where their products are made is constantly upholding the Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMPs) in order to create a safe product for their consumers and environment for their employees.

High-Quality Products & Cutting-Edge Technology

In order to ensure the best quality for their final product, Unda utilizes cutting-edge technology in order to test for any impurities in their products. This technology is used in their labs which are state of the art, allows them to remain efficient and clean. They have five main categories which their products are able to fall under. These include homeopathy, phytotherapy, oligotherapy, dietary supplements, and cosmetology. While they are known for their specialization in homeopathy and phytotherapy, they also have a solid experience in products in the oligotherapy, dietary supplements, and cosmetology categories.