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The ingredients used in Nutragen products are both organic and non-GMO. Additionally, ingredients for Nutragen products are given special attention “from soil to seal”. Purity and potency are of the utmost importance to the team at Nutragen. To ensure you’re getting the very best quality Nutragen pays attention to key facets of the origin of their ingredients. For example, Nutragen keeps an eye on where ingredients are grown, the soil maintenance, and the harvesting process. Third party independent laboratory testing is also part of the vetting process, keeping Nutragen accountable to outside sources. Nutragen doesn’t stop at the product; they believe in the importance of protecting the earth and giving back in whatever way they can. This commitment leads them to using non-toxic eco-friendly packaging that is going to be safe to go back into the world whether that is as a biodegradable substance or as a recycled container. Nutragen does their part to be consistently more sustainable and give back to this beautiful planet.

Pure InflaMedix

One of the most popular reviewed products by Nutragen is their Pure InflaMedix. This product delivers turmeric extract in a way that is much more accessible to the body and therefore allows for better results. Turmeric extract helps the body in working through inflammation and in turn allows for greater healing all around.  

Extra Support Your Body Needs

Nutragen provides products that are convenient to use on the daily. Powders and liquids that can easily be mixed into the foods that are a part of your routine. Nutragen has even gone as far as saying that by mixing products, you can work your way to a low-cost meal replacement shake. Nutragen is a brand that understands that as much as we might know that our body needs some extra support, life can get busy and our health can get left on the backburner. This is one of the main reasons that Nutragen products are so convenient to use! Nutragen products can be a great way to start to introduce powerful greens, omegas, proteins and so much more into your diet.