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While BioPure continues to grow and advance its vast line of products, its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the materials used in development stays consistent. It is their goal to provide customers with nutritional supplements that are efficient, functional, and biologically critical.

The well-being of their customers is the single top priority of BioPure. Every policy and plan puts the customer first. In fact, there was a story told by a BioPure Warehouse Manager of an instance when they ended up throwing away a vast amount of a popular product after a quality test failed. This goes to show the public that the health and safety of the consumer come above all else.

Consistently Improving Their Products for the Customer

BioPure is paving the way when it comes to the process in which vitamins and supplements are manufactured. One of the many examples of this feet is the fact that cotton balls are no longer used in the packing process. There is the opportunity when handling cotton balls to be introduced to toxins that are implemented in the growing process of the cotton plant. For many years in the industry, these items were created in a way that caused them to end up having adverse items included in the final result. This reality was unacceptable to BioPure and they are constantly finding improvements to be made to benefit the entire industry. FDA guidelines are used and third-party laboratory testing is consistently occurring.

High-Quality Ingredients

Using ingredients that do not contain needless additives, and striving to source organic materials is at the forefront of BioPure’s commitment to quality. When finding outlets to supply them with the quality ingredients, they always keep in mind the expectations that would be set forth by their Health Care Professionals.

Headquartered in Redmond, Washington

In Redmond, Washington sits the headquarters of BioPure. There they aim to create a lifestyle that bolsters a quality not found anywhere else. They are able to contain their products in a safe, sanitary, and sound environment which ensures the excellent condition of their production.