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C60 Purple Power

C60 is short for Carbon 60. C60 is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants. It acts as a sponge for free radicals that we may encounter in our daily lives. Made up of 60 carbon atoms, the shape is similar to a soccer ball. It is its shape that gives the antioxidant powerful physical and chemical properties. One of the important components is its longevity - its free radical neutralizing power doesn’t diminish over time, it regenerates. C60 is produced by dying stars - we can find it in impacts of meteors, lightning strikes, and in burnt candle wicks. Founded in 2016, C60 Purple Power aims to empower everyone to be in control of their own health through the implementation of C60 in their daily regime. They are constantly inspired by the passion of their customers, their team, and continuing the pursuit of knowledge. 

High Quality C60

C60 is available in two different products on our site - coconut oil and avocado oil. While both products offer C60, there can be some differences in who tends to use them. The coconut oil formula tends to be preferred by athletes and those living an active lifestyle. The avocado oil formula tends to be preferred by those with sensitive digestive systems. The formulas provided by C60 Purple Power are third party tested for purity, quality, and concentration. They only use the highest quality C60 in their formulas - you can rest assured that the product you’re taking is in 100% organic oils as well.