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It is the main priority of NuMedica to provide healthcare professionals with the best information and products in order to better the lives of the patients coming to them with their daily struggles. This company was formed in 2000 by a group of leaders in the vitamin and supplement industry. They saw the need for a company to possess values and maintain them through changing times. This sparked their ideals which led to the foundation of the company, NuMedica. The patients and healthcare professionals they work through come first according to the values set forth and prioritized by the company.

High-Quality Ingredients

They pride themselves on the fact that they lead the way in the industry when developing science-based supplements. While maintaining the highest quality in their ingredients used to manufacture their products, they set the standard in the professional marketplace. When sourcing their raw ingredients used to create their products, they search for others that maintain the same standard they expect from their business.


It is the belief of the people at NuMedica that constant innovation in the research and manufacturing aspects of their business is the power behind an improved health. Research is prioritized, and their product line is constantly changing and evolving as new products back by science are being discovered.

Large Variety of Vitamins and Supplements

NuMedica offers their patients a wide variety of vitamins and supplements. They have a vast array of options of products in order to better the lives of the people they serve through healthcare professionals. In order to continue doing what they love, the people at NuMedica manufacture their products with the highest quality.

The manufacturing facilities where NuMedica products are made are all upheld to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations promoted by the US Food and Drug Administration. This is set in place in order to assure safe and consistent vitamins and supplements being delivered to their customers. Not only do they care about what is going into their products, but they also care about how they are manufactured. They maintain a clean and safe working environment in order to achieve this goal.