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Bone and Joint Health

The major nutrients your bones need in order to stay strong and healthy are calcium and vitamins C, D, and K. Paying attention to the food you are consuming is one of the best ways to monitor your bone health. Some examples of food that are rich in these crucial nutrients are salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines. Vitamin K can be found in kale, collard greens, broccoli, spinach, and cabbage. Green bell peppers, brussels sprouts, and oranges are all full of Vitamin C. It is important to remember that consuming too much saturated fat can lead to bone damage.

Osteopenia & Bone Density

Osteopenia is a condition where the bone material density is lower than what should be in a healthy individual, but not low enough for them to be treated and classified as having osteoporosis. In this case, supplements are a possible form of treatment in order to provide your body with the minerals and nutrients needed in order for your bones to regain the proper density. If you smoke, quit now! Smoking is one of the leading contributors to a decrease in bone density and higher risk of bone fractures. 

How To Maintain Bone & Joint Health

Along with healthy eating, moderate exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight both contribute to long-lasting bone and joint health. While exercising, your body is forced to produce more cells, in turn, strengthening bones. 

Vitamin D is a crucial player in your body’s ability to absorb calcium properly. You need enough Vitamin D in your body in order for your body to maximize its calcium usage to build and maintain strong and healthy bones. Spending time in the sun will let your body absorb Vitamin D. However, most people could benefit from taking a supplement as well. If you are getting enough Vitamin D and calcium, your body will be able to process nutrients better and help to build stronger and better bones. Shop our selection of bone and joint health supplements.