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Chi's Enterprises

Chi’s Enterprises was founded in 1986 by Dr. Chi. The intentions of this company are to assist with people achieving the optimum level of natural health. The quality of their ingredients is of the utmost importance to the company, and this is kept in the minds of the entire staff and production team. Each formulation of their individual products is created with precision and crafted to serve an ideal purpose.

Merging Eastern & Western Healthcare

This company works to merge the eastern and western healthcare practices. This is done in order to serve the most general population of the world. This is made possible by recognizing health methods that have been successful throughout history and combining them in order to help the most general population possible. The success of their product line is evident by them being featured in Newsweek, TIME, and ABC News. Their health programs are also known to be of great success and have also been featured on similar platforms.

Always Improving

There is a team full of professionals whose entire focus is that of working toward a consistent improvement of their products. Research is always being done on the latest technologies and breakthroughs within the industry. It is the constant goal of Chi Enterprises to integrate themselves into the healthcare community in order to become proud members and work toward becoming better.

Dr. Chi still plays a very active role in the company and is available to see patients in a good portion of the year. He examines the fingernails, which are the transfer point of all nutrients in the body. As well as the tongue which is the location of bodily function. By studying these areas of the body, one is able to help in determining the overall health of the body. Consultations with Dr. Chi are in high demand.