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Doctor Wilson's

Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations came from the mind of Dr. James L. Wilson. With his 30 years of clinical experience, 20 years of formulating supplements, and Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, he created products that are not only successful in clinical studies but are supported by numerous scientific works. Doctor Wilson’s takes supplement manufacturing extremely seriously. From their raw material selection to their finished product testing, they want quality products to come out of each batch. Each original and quality formula begins with the raw ingredients. Each supplier that works with Doctor Wilson’s sends a Certificate of Analysis with each shipment stating that the ingredients are of high enough quality to pass purity standards set by the US government. These supplements are made with organically grown botanicals when possible.

Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder

Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder® was created to help alleviate symptoms of adrenal exhaustion and help those experiencing adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are the primary glands in the stress response system. The adrenal glands produce 50+ hormones that prepare our bodies to physically and mentally handle stress. If these glands get overwhelmed, the rest of your body can suffer the side effects. The primary ingredient in this adrenal-focused formula is a proprietary blend of porcine glandular.

Dr. Wilson's Body-Guard

Dr. Wilson’s Body-Guard® is a temporary-use immune support liquid that is easy to use and gentle on the digestive tract. Made with organic herbs and colloidal silver, this formula helps our complex defense system fight off outside invaders. Our body’s defense system can be found on the skin’s surface, in our respiratory system, and in the digestive tract. Colloidal silver has been used in medicine for centuries. Ingredients like Cat’s Claw and Black Walnut in the Proprietary Blend can support a healthy immune system and cardiovascular system.