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Pet Care

Our furry friends are more than just companions, they are members of the family. Proper care for your pets includes external as well as internal care. Whether you have a dog, cat, or horse, there is a product on this page for you. It is important to keep in mind the size, diet, and activity level of your pet. Once that has been identified, it will become easier to navigate the different variations of products available. Many animal owners choose a joint support formula for their high activity dog with connective tissue issues. Others choose a fish oil supplement to improve the immune system, heart health, and other functions of their animal’s body. 

Supplements For Our Pets

Some pet owners may purchase a supplement for joint support in their dogs or cats. This works by enhancing the cartilage and soft tissues in the bones as well as maintaining proper inflammation levels. Another possible example is found in probiotic supplements for dogs. Probiotics can be taken by dogs too, and they offer the same wonderful benefits as in humans in the same form of spore-based probiotics. Like humans, dogs have sensitive gastrointestinal tracts that can be unfavorably affected by toxins found in processed food and gut infections. Dogs that suffer from gastrointestinal problems can often by sluggish and low energy. Taking a daily probiotic can improve their emotional health as well as their physical health.

Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy

One of the most important aspects of proper pet care is regular veterinarian visits. No matter what kind of pet you own, this should be at the top of the list for keeping your pet happy and healthy. Annual visits at the minimum will keep you up-to-date with the health of your pet and any lifestyle changes that should be implemented. Additionally, vaccinations for deadly diseases like rabies, parvo, distemper, and panleukopenia are important for the safety of your pet, other pets, and humans. Deworming and tick control are other physical examinations that should occur often.