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BioResponse Nutrients

BioResponse Nutrients is passionate about their work, and is consistently working to better understand the benefits of a healthy estrogen metabolism. DIM is key to establishing and maintaining a healthy estrogen metabolism. DIM is typically found in cruciferous vegetables, but it’s not all that easy for the body to take DIM from these vegetables to then use to help with hormone health. BioResponse Nutrients understands the importance of DIM and their mission is to provide DIM in a more absorbable form and in turn help individuals find a better entrogen ratio balance. BioResponse Nutrients originated the technology they use to provide this high level of absorption. The microencapsulated BioResponse DIM has been tested and tried to make sure that it really works! Independent clinical studies have been used to take a close look at absorption levels.

BioResponse DIM

Human digestive tracts struggle to take in pure DIM, BioResponse Nutrients’ BioResponse DIM is crafted to provide the much needed nutrients in a more available form. You would need to eat an uncomfortable amount of vegetables to give your body the DIM it needs for optimum functioning. Pairing BioResponse DIM with your intake of cruciferous vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower will create a powerhouse of estrogen metabolism protectors and regulators.

Healthy Estrogen Metabolism

Estrogen metabolism management being at the forefront of BioResponse Nutrients may sound to some as though this is a product primarily for females. In reality, every individual needs a healthy estrogen metabolism. Healthy estrogen metabolism is also integral in achieving an optimal estrogen to testosterone ratio/balance. This balancing act can affect prostate health, weight management and breast health. The world we live in often works against healthy hormone balance; plastics, animal products and even body care products can be negatively affecting your estrogen levels. DIM may be the missing piece your body needs to get feeling better.