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Allergy Research Group

Anyone with a severe allergy knows how difficult it is to find a reliable medicine, food, or other necessity that will not spell disaster for their body. Allergy Research Group takes their supplement creation extremely seriously from the beginning stages to the final result. Their quality control is immaculate. Third party testing, top of the line materials, and full disclosure to the patient are only a few of the ways that Allergy Research Group has set themselves apart in the competitive supplement industry. With the incredible amount of work that is done in the preparation, creation, and completion of these products, many sensitive patients are able to take these supplements without fear of going into anaphylactic shock or suffering from a catastrophic allergy attack. Keeping their standard of excellence high, Allergy Research Group has succeeded in satisfying the needs of the niche allergy-suffering customer base. 

High Quality Raw Materials

40 years of innovation has led to Allergy Research Group providing some of the most popular hypoallergenic products on the market. Biotin 5000 is one of these products. Commonly known as a “hair, skin, and nails” supplement, biotin is an essential coenzyme that provides a source of B vitamins to the body. Additionally, biotin can aid with weight loss by enhancing metabolic rates. Another product that has seen widespread praise is Adrenal, a Natural Glandular. Our adrenal glands are necessary for us to process stress and sex hormones. Proper function is critical. Glandulars are obtained from grass-fed animals in Australia and New Zealand. Animal husbandry regulations are strict, and closely followed by Allergy Research Group. This is only one example of the high quality raw materials that Allergy Research group uses to create their professional formulas.