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Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics

The family-owned business that is Dr. Ohhira’s and Essential Formulas truly believes that they can change the world, one person’s health at a time. They believe that your health affects all aspects of your life, and by improving this one aspect you will see positive results in all others. In order to maximize your health, and in turn your life, you need to focus on the bacteria which your body depends on. This company has put more than 30 years of research into finding the best solutions and options for its customers. Most of this research being done in Japan by a world-famous microbiologist.

High Quality & Natural Ingredients

All the ingredients used in their products are natural and of the best quality in the world. There are strict standards that their vendors are held to in order to be apart of this production process. They truly care about the quality of the product they are producing, but also the process in which this is created. One example of this is that during the traditional Asian fermentation process of their probiotics, they play classical music.

Leading Science & Focus on Education

Along with producing a reliable, quality product, Dr. Ohhira’s seeks to constantly be improving upon their well-known products. They believe that education can be a powerful tool in order to help them with changing the world one person at a time. To implement this viewpoint they rely on their board of 11 scientists to educate them and update them on new leads and advances in the scientific world. In order to affect the lives of even more people, they also work to lobby on behalf of the natural product industry. They believe that more and more people need access to natural products in order to improve their health. In addition to all of these other benefits regarding this company, their probiotics have won all sorts of awards, every year, for the past 10 years.