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Master Supplements

Master Supplements is one of three companies that have partnered together to provide a wide range of powerhouse supplements. Master Supplements takes the lead on Probiotics. They focus on high-quality strains, and making sure your body receives everything that those strains have to offer. Master Supplements does this with their patented deep delivery paired with the prebiotic LactoStim®. This allows proper delivery and subsequently, greater growth and activity of the high-quality strains being delivered. Master Supplements takes the time to understand the unique benefits and needs of the strains they use and apply that knowledge to the supplementation they provide. All of this support is packaged into glass bottles. These bottles prove to be the best barrier between these important products and the harsh outside environment, and help preserve the work that went into protecting the high-quality strains to begin with! 

Master Supplements, U.S. Enzymes, & Tomorrow's Nutrition PRO

In 2019, a beautiful partnership began between Master Supplements, U.S. Enzymes, and Tomorrow’s Nutrition PRO. These three companies are based in Minnesota and each have their own unique strengths. Master Supplements takes the lead on Probiotics, U.S. Enzymes hones in on Enzymes, and Tomorrow’s Nutrition Pro provides remarkable fiber supplements. In banding together, they have worked to broaden what they can offer to health professionals and ultimately, patients in need. They can now offer a wide range of powerful, high-quality supplements that address numerous patient concerns. That being said,  this was not just a partnership of logistics or convenience. These brands were drawn together because of their shared core values, including: offering high-quality products, leading with honesty, and above all - helping people! These companies are constantly looking for ways to level up their work in all departments. They are passionate about transparency in all they do, and they’re not afraid of putting in the hard work to make sure you’re getting the best of the best.