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Energetix strongly believes in the inherent wisdom stored in the body. Examining the body’s energetic fields and understanding their influence on the entirety of the body is central to everything Energetix does. Energetix offers over 120 products that aim to be as individualized as the human population! When creating their products, Energetix has turned to nature and seeks to encapsulate the powerful tools available all around us. The Energetix product line includes botanicals, homeopathics, and nutritional products. All three categories lean heavily on plants and their ability to aid the body in healing. From start to finish Energetix focuses on quality, purity, potency, and efficacy. In a world that is imbalanced and increasingly toxic, getting back to the basics is top priority. Finding balance within the body and answers to complex concerns is a mission that Energetix does not take lightly.

Our Process

The process used by Energetix dates back to the 16th century and is known as the ‘spagyric processing method’. Though this process is time-consuming, Energetix believes spagyric processing reaps the greatest rewards. The resulting extracts from the plants are not only pure, but also easier for the body to put to work. What does this mean? Bioavailable formulas that are also easy to administer! Energetix has done the work of extracting the ingredients seemingly locked into a plant, then they’ve transferred those powerful components into pleasant-tasting liquids or capsules that allow for easy dosing and overall usage.

The care taken by Energetix doesn’t stop there. All Energetix products undergo thorough testing at three different checkpoints: at the ingredients stage, during manufacturing, and after the product has been bottled. Ingredients are screened for any contaminants and tested for both purity and potency. If the Ingredients are approved they can move on to the manufacturing stage. Energetix products are manufactured in facilities with the highest quality standards; meaning they are FDA-registered facilities with certifications such as NSF, Organic, and UL who also meet or exceed the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines. Even still, during manufacturing, products will be tested to ensure optimal accuracy and consistency across the board. And then last but not least, when a product is bottled it will be tested one last time to confirm its purity. Energetix has put in the work to make sure you have high-quality and pure tools to address your unique needs.