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Your Energy Systems produces a product called Liposomal Glutathione. Glutathione, also known as GSH, is revered throughout the industry as a superhero antioxidant. Found in animals, fungi, plant cells, and some bacteria, your best source of Glutathione is in sulfur-rich foods. Examples include: cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, and onions. Our bodies need Glutathione to help promote healthy cell function and in turn, all of the body's systems are able to work better. Glutathione has been studied and shown that it can positively affect inflammation levels, diabetes, digestive diseases, etc. Your age, stress levels and nutrition can all affect the levels of Glutathione in your body. The way to give your body the best chance at fighting oxidative stress, free radicals, and all of the things that come with an imbalance of antioxidants in your body is to supplement with this superhero antioxidant!


Glutathione in powder and capsules will often get destroyed before even making it to your bloodstream. Your Energy Systems has chosen a very effective and efficient delivery method of GSH to deliver this superhero antioxidant to consumers quickly and reliably. The delivery method was chosen with a focus on facilitating absorption of Glutathione into the body. Small Glutathione particles are wrapped in liposomes, functioning like armor from the acid in your stomach and allowing the antioxidant to glide through and deliver nutrients directly to where they’re needed. If you want to learn more about this patented production method and the benefits of Liposomal Glutathione, check out our blog post: YES Lipoceutical Glutathione - Everything You Need To Know

Liposomal Glutathione

Your Energy Systems’ Liposomal Glutathione is non-GMO and does not contain any animal products, this allows for consumers with a variety of lifestyles to be able to take advantage of the many benefits provided by this product. As a note, Liposomal Glutathione does require refrigeration during storage. Your Energy Systems has over 10 years of experience providing consumers with this reliable and effective product. They recommend taking Liposomal Glutathione in the morning on an empty stomach. It is also recommended that you shake the bottle before each use in order to help evenly distribute the ingredients and maximize effectiveness. Liposomal Glutathione may be the answer to your chronic health problems, targeting imbalances at the cellular level. Schedule a consultation with our nutritionist, Carly Neubert to talk about what Liposomal Glutathione can do for you.