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For WynnPharm, quality is everything. Their mission from when they started their company 20 years ago hasn’t changed today. They aim to bring high quality products to customers over the counter. By managing and distributing various brands, WynnPharm boasts a variety of product offerings, from prediabetes care to hair care to daily vitamins. Above all, they believe in empowering their customers to discover their healthiest selves. 

Quality Above All Else

Striving for growth inside and outside of their company, WynnPharm places quality above everything else. Providing the right dosages, correct ingredients based on scientific findings, and not compromising the quality of the overall product are just a few ways WynnPharm keeps their products at a high level of quality and performance. PreDia, for example, is a formula intended for those who are suffering from high blood pressure and are at risk for type 2 diabetes. By using Abscisic acid, PreDia can reduce the sugar presence in your blood while helping your body conserve insulin. Going further than other brands, they use patent pending formulations that have been scientifically proven to be effective in human and animal trials. 

DONA by WynnPharm

Another product that has exemplified the success of WynnPharm’s quality goal is DONA. DONA is one of the most unique formulas offered by WynnPharm. Helping with joint health and overall flexibility of the body, DONA has a crystalline glucosamine sulfate structure. This is important because the crystalline form is better absorbed by the body. This formula is used to maintain the cartilage between your joints. This is something that people of all ages should be aware of, as problems can worsen over time and develop into life-altering injuries.