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Xymogen is a family-run company that is focused on providing a valuable culture of excellence, constant improvements, and exceeding expectations. Not only are their products high-quality, but their goals align with yours and ours - better health and better wellness. Xymogen was founded in 2003 and their passion for growth has only increased since then. 

Xymogen offers a variety of products, from cardiovascular health to immune system support to antioxidant activity. Xymogen’s vast variety of products contribute to their goals of increasing the overall health and wellness of their customers. 

FitFood Lean Complete

Xymogen’s FitFood Lean Complete supports a healthy body composition and overall gastrointestinal health. Not only is it a great option for vegans, but it also works for those who have a soy or dairy allergy. Made with an all-natural protein blend consisting of peas and rice (VegaPro™), a plant enzyme (Aminogen®), and an antioxidant-supporting fiber (KiOtransine® chitin-glucan), this formula boasts numerous applications and possible benefits. 

SynovX Calm

SynovX Calm utilizes traditional botanicals to address relaxation and sleeplessness. By carefully choosing minerals that target healthy muscle contraction and relaxation, Xymogen creates a formula that can support the calming of muscles and relax any tight or spastic muscle activity. Melatonin CR addresses the body’s biorhythms to support restful sleep. This formula’s delivery system is set up to release the melatonin quickly, and then steadily. By helping to maintain normal levels of melatonin, this formula can help address immune health, antioxidant support, and brain health along with supporting healthy sleep