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Austin Air Systems

Austin Air takes the phrase ‘breathe easy’ to the next level. Contaminants lurk in the air and more often than not, the human eye cannot see these contaminants. Mold, dust, viruses, allergens or any variety of dangerous particles may be in your home or office space. These particles are often the culprit for worsened allergies, asthma, sleep and so much more. To combat the contaminants that the eye can’t see, Austin Air created a variety of Air Purifiers and Filters. If you’ve never heard of the benefits of air purification, a quick google search will lead you to a long list.

Why Austin Air?

There is no doubt that purifying the air can come with a lot of life-changing benefits. In fact, there are several published clinical trials illustrating the power an air purifier can have. Knowing where to start when picking your desired air purifier can be overwhelming. What makes a brand better than another? Why Austin Air? To begin, Austin Air purifiers have been used in many of the aforementioned independent clinical trials. Leading hospitals have reached out to Austin Air to study how air purification can help save lives in a variety of situations. Through these studies, Austin Air has come out on top in the air filter market. This can be attributed to a variety of factors. The filters found within Austin Air purifiers have a life of 5 years which is astronomical in the air purification world. This is a huge cost saver and also allows for simplicity, you can trust the machine to do its job and all you have to do is plug it in.

True HEPA Filters - High Efficiency Particulate Air

Austin Air Filters are True HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, this is the most effective way to eradicate contaminants from the air. Many air purifiers have HEPA elements but few are True HEPA and an even smaller fraction have the sheer amount of material that Austin Air Filters have. The purifiers are also manufactured with safe materials. Toxins in paint-coating would be ridiculous for a product that wants to purify toxins from the air. Austin Air has a purifier for every situation, give them a chance and see what cleaner air can do for you.