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Numedica Osteo Vegan Capsules and Osteo Vegan Program

July 14, 2021

Strong bones are one of the most crucial aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They protect all your internal organs, support your muscles, allow you to participate in social activities, and carry you through long work days. Keeping all this in mind, it's time to be a little more attentive to your bone health.

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NeuroScience - It’ll Blow Your Mind!

July 07, 2021

Neuroscience has many connotations to us. To some, it brings up an image of an extremely difficult college major. To others, it is purely the study of how we analyze our brains and nervous systems. To me, however, I think of the brand “NeuroScience” and the top-performing and wonderful products they are providing. NeuroScience is taking the knowledge we have gathered about our brains to create unique solutions to help your nervous system.

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Red Yeast Rice

June 30, 2021

We have seen a massive boom in utilizing herbal supplements and natural remedies to combat various ailments in 2021. From St. John’s Wort to Valerian root, the craze around alternative medicine is picking up steam with people of all generations. One of the formulas that is leading the charge is Red Yeast Rice. I will be discussing its benefits, risks, side effects, and uses in this post - along with a new formulation that just hit the market.

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