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Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs has strived to become an industry leader in premier quality supplements and other nutritional products. Founded by a clinical nutritionist, Premier Research Labs has provided uncompromising quality in their products as well as in their services to clients. A nutritional supplement can be degraded in nearly every step of the manufacturing process, from the gathering of materials to excipients being used to improve the appearance of the capsule or tablet. Premier Research Labs’s morality and ethical practices were created from the desire to avoid these practices. Premier Research Labs sources their materials from trusted suppliers that adhere to their strict protocols for quality. In all, Premier Research group has established a new era of nutritional excellence in the supplement industry. 


AdrenaVen provides support for the adrenal glands and contains a multi-nutrient blend for optimal wellness. The adrenal glands are essential for regulating stress and keeping up energy levels throughout the day. Premier Research Group is the first supplement enterprise to provide targeted organ and gland formulas without animal glandular. This formula contains Cordyceps Sinensis, Rhodiola extract, and Eleuthero root. Cordyceps Sinensis has been supported for its natural energy-boosting properties. Rhodiola extract has been used for centuries for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Eleuthero root has also been utilized in supplements for energy boosts.