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Carly is an owner and our resident nutrition expert. She provides online or phone consultations as well as Skype classes. Her brain is so full of nutrition facts that she often spouts long oratorios in praise of healthy foods and supplements. She believes our bodies have the power to heal and improve when given the correct nutrients and support. Her spirit animal is the unicorn because she believes in magic.


Keith is an owner and wears many hats. Though he is in his office most days, he can also be found answering the phones or shipping out orders. He likes low drama, enjoys managing the HHL Team, and wears shorts as many days as possible. He finds success in the accomplishments of each team member and is happy when the team as a whole is in a flow state.


Victoria is our Operations Manager, she makes sure everything runs smoothly in many different aspects of the business while always keeping her eye out for new formulas to be able to offer our customers and ways to improve our customer service and operations. She is a mom of 3 and loves watching her kids learn and grow every day. She also loves picking up new skills and crafts, from sewing to gardening to Excel spreadsheets, she loves learning as much as she can about a variety of different specialties.


Karina is one of our E-Commerce Specialists. She meticulously manages our product listings, ensuring all information is current and accurate. She takes pleasure in learning about our product offerings and continually seeks to broaden her knowledge. Outside of work, Karina is an expectant mother, eagerly looking forward to the various adventures that motherhood will provide.


Traci is our Warehouse Assistant. She fulfills our large shipments, as well as receives products that come into our Reno warehouse. Her favorite part is working independently and staying active. When not at work, she enjoys the outdoors: camping, hiking, biking, jet skiing, and spending time with friends & family. Traci Graduated in 2011 with an AAS in Graphic Communications, received her ISSA certification for personal training in 2015, and recently passed the national exam to become a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer.


Andie is one of our E-Commerce Specialists. She has a culinary degree and loves to play in the kitchen. She is a proud momma of 2 girls! They are pure chaos but she loves spending time with her family and outdoors. She loves working here because she learns something new every day, whether it's about the products or the business. Most of all, she likes helping people.


Ashley is our E-Commerce Associate. Her favorite part of the job is the variety of responsibilities she has and that she is always staying busy. Outside of work, She loves spending time with her fiancé and two dogs, visiting family, going to baseball games, and anything outdoors.