The HHL Team - Healthy Habits Living

The HHL Team

The HHL Team (left to right): Marresa Bovee, Victoria Medeiros, Keith Neubert, Carly Neubert, Anna Baumann, and Jenna Graham


Carly Neubert

Carly is our resident nutrition expert. She provides online or phone consultations as well as Skype classes. Her brain is so full of nutrition facts that she often spouts long oratorios in praise of healthy foods and supplements. She believes our bodies have the power to heal and improve when given the correct nutrients and support. Her spirit animal is the unicorn because she believes in magic.




Keith Neubert

Keith is an owner and wears many hats at Healthy Habits Living. He put a lot of sweat equity into starting this business over 10 years ago. Like all good garage bands, he started this business while working full time as a City Planner. He likes low drama, enjoys managing the HHL Team, and wears shorts as many days as possible. He finds success in the accomplishments of each team member and synergy of the team as a whole.




Victoria Medeiros

Victoria is our Customer Service Manager and Business Development Assistant. She gets a special kind of kick out of helping customers, whether it is on the phone or through our live chat. She's always down to learn any tidbit of new information or tackle a new challenge or adventure. She likes to geek out over excel spreadsheets and office supplies every chance she gets.




Anna Baumann

Anna is our on-site logistics coordinator. She ensures that the website is accurate, uniform, and provides the most up-to-date information for our customers. She loves researching and learning about uses for vitamins and supplements, and finding effective ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Anna’s second language is German and she has lived in, and traveled through many different countries.




Marresa Bovee

Marresa has been working with us managing various projects for over a year now. Some of her favorites include photography of new products and customer service! When she isn't working or studying as a full-time Hydrogeology student at the University of Nevada she enjoys hiking, bullet journaling, and traveling.




Jenna Graham

Jenna is our marketing and office assistant. She creates social media content and does other projects as needed. When she is not working, She is a full-time college student pursuing a degree in Geophysics and enjoys spending time in the mountains or with her friends.