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Healthy Habits Living

The products in this category have come from the creative minds here at Healthy Habits Living. We have looked into each and every ingredient in these formulas in order to ensure proper quality and effectiveness. From consults to coaching guides, this category has everything you need for one-on-one work with our nutritionist, Carly Neubert, as well. Optimal health begins with what you are eating and what lifestyle decisions you are/aren’t making. By addressing these questions with a healthcare professional like Carly, you can develop a broader understanding of your overall health, nutrition, and goals for the rest of your life. 

Keto Manager

Going “keto” can be seen as a fad or trend, but it has gained momentum and scientific analysis in the prior years. Originally studied as a treatment for epilepsy, the ketogenic diet has benefits in neurological health as well as metabolic rates. The pros are numerous as they deal with acne reduction, PCOS symptom reduction, weight loss, and blood pressure improvement. When easing into a keto lifestyle, great care and diligence needs to be applied so that your body adjusts accordingly to create the desired results. Keto Manager was created for anyone to try, from professional athletes to soccer moms. This product is a great way to ease into a lifestyle of ketosis without the restrictive high-fat low-carb diet. 

Histamine Manager

Biohacking your histamine has been an elusive goal of healthcare professionals for years. This formula deals with food-related histamines. While it does not address food allergies or intolerance conditions like celiac disease, this formula does assist with the help of diamine oxidase (DAO). DAO is the main enzyme responsible for the deconstruction of ingested histamine. Histamine is present in a large variety of foods, from beer to aged cheese. Consuming Histamine Manager along with instituting lifestyle and diet changes would be your best bet for managing your histamine levels.