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HCP Formulas

HCP Formulas strives to provide the highest quality nutraceuticals. This brand focuses on products dealing with enzymes and thus, they make sure to work with science professionals to formulate their products to have maximum impact. One of the main focuses at HCP Formulas is innovating supplement delivery systems. The delivery system refers to how a supplement is designed to get your body the nutrients contained in the supplement. HCP Formulas is constantly seeking to create and bring you new and improved delivery systems.

High-Quality Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, HCP Formulas diligently works on the formulations of their products. In this process they are also sure to work with the best ingredients available. Additionally, HCP Formulas is attentive to ingredients that they feel should NOT be in their products. This means eliminating fillers, phthalates, artificial colors and flavoring, etc. A look at the Supplement Facts label on their products will clearly show you what goodness is in the product, and what they’ve said no to. 

Fibrenza - A Systemic Enzyme

One of HCP Formulas’ main products is Fibrenza, a Systemic Enzyme. Enzymes play an important role in each one of us, they’re needed for all living functions. As we get older, our bodies need some help to produce an adequate amount of enzymes for optimal functioning. When there aren’t enough enzymes, the body may start to struggle in areas such as fatigue and inflammation. Fibrenza offers the benefits of a Systemic Enzyme while avoiding fillers and binders in addition to ingredients that are common intolerances or sensitivities. This means, no phthalates, magnesium stearate, talc, fish, dairy, wheat, among other things. Fibrenza is contained in a time-release capsule. This capsule protects the supplement from the acidity of the stomach so that it can be delivered to the small intestine and from there, absorbed by the body into the bloodstream! Otherwise, these beneficial enzymes would be lost to stomach acids. HCP Formulas believes that a supplement is only as good as it’s delivery system, and they feel that this supplement has the best of the best!