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Enviromedica strives to bring our ancestral knowledge of natural health to the surface and provide opportunities for optimal health and healing. By embracing the evolutionary theory of how humans came to be, Enviromedica can provide timely products that reflect our genetic past. Their main focuses are soil-based probiotics. They only use the purest ingredients worldwide to bring our bodies into harmony with the nature of the past and present. 

Soil-based Probiotics

Soil-based probiotics are originally found in the Earth’s soil. They are a class of probiotics with a unique structure that ensures their strength and resilience in our bodies. Before we went to grocery stores to buy our produce, our home-grown fruits and vegetables were a plentiful source of soil-based probiotics. These probiotics can withstand the harsh acidity of the stomach in order to balance your immune system, modify your gut bacteria, and improve digestion overall. Soil-based probiotic strains like Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus clausii, and Bacillus coagulans have had years of scientific backing and are safe. The impact that these strains have on our bodies is monumental. From mental health to physical wellbeing, soil-based probiotics have a far-reaching influence in the way our bodies function. 

Terraflora - Safe Soil-based Probiotic

Enviromedica’s Terraflora products offer a safe form of soil-based probiotics that have amazing benefits for your digestion and overall gastrointestinal wellbeing. Each strain is verified by an independent  third party to ensure quality, integrity, and the correct identity. By diversifying the intestinal environment, there are increased opportunities for enhancement of “good” bacteria. The balance of bacteria and health is highly studied and questioned. This balance can be affected by stress, prescription medicine, pathogens, a lack of sleep, and a lifestyle lacking in proper diet and exercise. Probiotics are one of the keys to establishing a healthy set of interactions.