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BioGaia was founded in Sweden with the sole purpose to provide effective probiotics to all ages, throughout the world. Almost 30 years later, they are doing exactly this. Currently, their products are sold in over 100 countries and they have corporate offices in Sweden, The United States, and Japan. This company employs 124 people and provides a consistent workplace for all. They operate with the goal of not only providing a product that is efficient, but also ensuring that their overall business is practiced in a manner which is ethical as well as consistently being aware of social, environmental, and economic situations in all efforts.

Patented Delivery System

The products sold by BioGaia have been through almost 100 clinical trials involving more than 15,000 people. All of the products are incredibly user-friendly and are designed to be used by people of all ages. These probiotics are offered in many different forms in order to target many groups of people. Many years of research has gone into their current line of products which is consistently recommended by doctors throughout the world. The patented delivery system that is implemented in their products is used to set their products apart from their competitors.

Environmentally Conscious 

In addition to standing out in the vitamin and supplement industry with their special delivery system, BioGaia aims to be conscious of the environment. This mindset is implemented into their business by providing their customers with an environmentally friendly packaging of their entire line. They strive to be a global business and to improve the health of people throughout the world. This company also supports and sponsors various charitable causes and events. One example of this is their sponsorship of “Team Rynkeby” in which all of its proceeds go toward a childhood cancer foundation. They work to educate the public through articles found on their website and their involvement in communities.