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Vital Proteins

The modern diet present in most places today strips the food we consume of the collagen necessary to supply our bodies as we age. The products made by Vital Proteins work to nourish and promote the natural production of collagen in our bodies. They believe that in order to maximize your health, you need the high-quality building blocks to do so. Their products are just that. The quality of the product going to the consumers is very important. Their sourcing is done with care and consideration for the land, animals, and people involved in the process.

Where is Vital Protein's Collagen Sourced?

The collagen is coming from cows raised in Brazil and New Zealand. Their marine collagen is sourced from wild-caught fish raised in Hawaii.

The Backstory Behind Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins was founded by the demand of a reliable collagen product which is consistent and simple to consume on a daily basis. The founder, Kurt Seidensticker was running one day and was experiencing severe knee pain. The thought of not being able to run due to this pain was a horrible thought. He began to examine his diet and concluded that he needed to increase his collagen intake. Due to his experiences, this company strives to promote health, fitness, and natural beauty in all people. They simply want to help their consumers feel better. By using sustainably-sourced products they are able to reach this goal and help their customers in their daily lives.

Benefits of Using Vital Proteins Products

The overall health of their customers is a priority of theirs as displayed by their incredible blog found on their website. They offer articles which address overall health, fitness and even sharing healthy recipes where using their products is simple. Some benefits of the supplement they produce include glowing skin, joint health, bone strength, improved digestion, gut health, and deeper sleep. These products are suitable for any lifestyle and are easy to include in your diet as they have a best-selling product which is flavorless and can be mixed with any liquid without compromising the taste.